Yes Means Yes and No Means No

*Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault*

“My body my rules, your body your rules”

“No more slut shaming, no more victim blaming”

“Yes means yes and no means no”

“2, 4, 6, 8, no more violence, no more rape”

These were the phrases we chanted while marching down Swanston street for SlutWalk 2018 today. 24 hours earlier I had no idea it was happening, but when my friend Gabby invited me to join her I knew there was no place I’d rather be.

For those who have never heard about SlutWalk, it’s a protest against victim blaming and slut shaming of sexual assault victims. What started as a 2011 rally in Canada has become a transnational movement of protest marches that call for an end to rape culture. It’s such an important issue to rally against because NO ONE deserves to be shamed for someone else’s actions.

While I’m extremely fortunate to have never been sexually assaulted, I’ve grown up being warned about wearing/doing certain things that might put me ‘at risk of being raped.’ In fact, when I told my mum about the march this morning she said that I “shouldn’t wear a short skirt because it might attract the wrong kind of attraction.” Although I know she meant well, I couldn’t help but get angry that this was the kind of advice that is still being given in 2018.

This tweet by Jane Tribute, and Fiona Lamb’s contribution perfectly sums up the paradox of this advice:

We’re sick of being told that a man’s disrespect of our bodies is OUR fault. We’re SICK of having to justify our actions/outfits to people who dare to insinuate that doing so is ‘asking for it.’ I’m honestly getting so mad typing this because I shouldn’t HAVE to be writing this, it’s 2018 for fuck’s sake.

Marching with everyone today, I felt a ripple of collective frustration and indignation whenever a new chant started. We were marching for Eurydice Dixon, who was raped and murdered in June this year. We were marching for Jill Meagher who was also raped and murdered while walking home in 2011. We were marching for the 17 year old girl whose thong was used as evidence of consent in an Irish rape trial 5 DAYS AGO.

But more importantly, we were marching for every woman who has been a victim of sexual harassment and/or assault during their lives. For the sex workers who give these men pleasure, for young girls who are catcalled in their school uniforms and for women whose stories of sexual assault haven’t had media coverage but are just as important.

I’m not asking everyone to go to these rallies but to simply raise your voices when you’re witness to any acts of sexual harassment. Instead of focusing on teaching women to protect themselves, teach boys and men the importance of consent and to RESPECT women’s bodies. It’s on all of us to change attitudes and put an end to rape culture.


Adios Amigos *insert protest emoji*





Subs vs Dubs

Growing up, I always watched movies and shows with subtitles.

I mean, I didn’t really have a choice since the subtitle button on our remote was broken and there was no way of turning them off, but I actually preferred them. However, over the years I had to accept that most people found subtitles annoying so I adapted my viewing habits with others, but at home I gave the subtitles free reign.

Being a pretty fast reader has always helped and it came in pretty handy at uni last year when we had to watch episodes of ‘If You Are The One’ for an assignment. If you haven’t heard of this show, you’re in for a treat. Basically, it’s a Chinese dating show where one guy has to impress 24 women who get to reject him on national TV. Exhilarating stuff.

Here’s a 30 second clip to give you an idea of why I love it – the girls can be so brutal:

While my classmates complained about having to read the subtitles, I secretly enjoyed it and fell in love with the show over the course of the month. It got to a point where I actively set myself alarms to watch this oddly hilarious show on SBS at 4:30pm every day.

Since then, I’ve developed a keen interest in foreign shows on Netflix. Tonight, I decided to look over my Netflix activity the past year and realised that I’ve watched a lot more shows that I realised, here’s my list to date:

  • Elite (Spanish)
  • Money Heist (Spanish)
  • 3% (Portuguese)
  • The Chalet (French)
  • Orbiter 9 (Spanish)
  • The Many Faces of Ito (Japanese)
  • Call my Agent (French)

It all started with ‘The Many Faces of Ito’, a Japanese Netflix original show about “a thirty-something rom-com screenwriter who manipulates four love-sick women for their stories under the guise of giving them romantic advice” (thanks Wikipedia, couldn’t have summarised it better myself). The whole series was so different to any type of rom-com I’d watched before and gave me a newfound appreciation of Japanese culture and dating practices.

Hold up, I just realised that I lied. ‘The Many Faces of Ito’ wasn’t the first foreign show I watched on Netflix, it was ‘3%’. Anyone who knows me well has heard me rant about how much I love this show. So much so that I watched the first series twice for the same uni subject I mentioned earlier and wrote a blog series as one of the main characters. I was tempted to write it in Portuguese for authenticity but I didn’t trust Google Translate to get it right.

I’d write all about ‘3%’ and why I love it so much but long story short, it’s dystopian show set in a future where 20 year olds have to solve a series of challenges that could get them a ticket to a holy land called the Offshore. Everyone else lives in extreme poverty and, you guessed it, only 3% of the population gets to live in the Offshore. I’ve got to restrain myself from writing more about it but I 1000% recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Okay, I’ve slightly deferred from the point of this blog but so far I’ve only explained part of the reason why I love watching foreign shows with subtitles. The main reason is because I love listening to people speak in their native language. Spanish and French are such beautiful languages and I could never give up an opportunity to listen to them being spoken fluently. Learning Spanish has always been a dream of mine so maybe this is a gateway to getting that under way¿

Just listen to the first 5 seconds of this and tell me you aren’t seduced:

The other option when watching these shows is to have them dubbed (to put a different soundtrack over the original one ie. English). Personally, I can’t stand it. The fact that the voices don’t synch with what the actors are saying and the weird accents are just too much for me to handle. I recently watched the second season of 3% dubbed with a friend  and it honestly ruined the show for me #sacrificesmustbemade I went back a week later and binged it all in Portuguese 😅

I get why people do it, I do, but if there’s one thing I can ask you to do is a) watch the trailer of one of the shows I listed and b) watch it in its native language. Yes, I know that’s two things but you can’t have one without the other! Anyway, I’m off to Google stalk my new favourite Spanish actor Jaime Laurent (who’s in both Money Heist and Elite) and find a new foreign show to watch.

Adios amigos *insert TV emoji*


If you like Piña Coladas

PSA: I actually started writing this in Jan but I completely forgot to finish it so here it is 7 months later 😂

Anyone could be fooled into believing that cruises are full of oldies who hit the hay at 9pm each night, leaving an eerily empty ship in their wake.

However, as I discovered a few weeks ago, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, some of them outlasted us youngins’ at the club.

I recently had the pleasure of sailing on Royal Caribbean’s ‘Explorer of the Seas’ for 8 nights from the 4th of January with 3 fabulous friends for company. *Side note: How much does that sound like a sentence those travel bloggers write when the’ve been sponsored to go on a trip by the company? #pleasesponsormeRC.* Our ship took us to three ports throughout New Caledonia and Vanuatu, with 2 days of sailing to/from the islands.


‘How to Avoid Starting Work for the Year’

Our first stop was New Caledonia’s capital, Noumea. Knowing that the city itself wasn’t much to look at, Steph and I tagged along with the fam-bam on a trip to Escapade Island which is where I snapped this gem:


Screw a house deposit, I’m making a *hut deposit

Upon arrival, we were treated to a majestic fresh seafood feast and spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool and snorkelling amongst a beautiful array of fishes. We even spotted a sting ray and got to glide with the most chilled out turtle I’ve ever seen.


I see where Crush gets it from now.

Fun fact: I was attacked by a baby sea snake. It started to wrap itself around my leg and when I felt it tugging I lowkey freaked out and almost lost a flipper in the process.

Our second stop was at a secret gem in Vanuatu known as Mystery Island. Well, I can only assume it was a mystery before all of the cruise companies discovered it and started spruiking it as just that.

IMG_1959 copy.jpg

Crystal clear water galore 😍

At just 1.5 square kilometres and completely uninhabited, it’s easily missed. Yet somehow, over 65,000 tourists flock its shores each year and when they do, it’s filled with an abundance of markets, massage huts and boards advertising an immeasurable plethora of snorkelling tours. For only $30 AUD, we were taken out to their three main snorkelling spots and spent 2 hours immersing ourselves in their underwater kingdoms.

Our third and final stop was in Mare, New Caledonia where we spent the afternoon lazing around on its sandy shores.

By this point we’d realised how soon the trip was ending and were taking every chance we could to soak up the sun and keep ignoring the stresses of life back home. It was total bliss and I’d kill to be back there again.


I swear I didn’t grab this off Google, the whole beach was this picturesque

Now, with all of the pretty pictures out of the way I feel like it’s time to chat about the cruising experience itself.

I feel like 90% of the people reading this post wouldn’t have been on a cruise before, so I’m going to channel my inner mythbuster and combat some common misconceptions below.

Myth: There’s nothing to do but play bingo and lounge by pool.

Fact: There were people who loved being on the ship so much that they didn’t even get off at the islands. No joke, there was always a bunch of ladies who made a beeline to the pools when we ported (arrived at a new destination) because it was the only time the pools were relatively empty.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that those cruising days are a waste of time but just wait until you see all of the activities they had. Each morning we’d get a new copy of ‘Cruise Compass’ which was a little leaflet that listed all of the activities going on and info about upcoming ports.

Here’s the one we got on our fourth day:


Yes, the ‘Adult Napkin Artistry Workshop’ was legit and no, unfortunately we didn’t go

From movies to live ballroom dancing and karaoke nights, there was an abundance of things to do for everyone of all ages.

We weren’t planning to see any shows but ended up seeing like 7 #whoops which were all amazing. There were a few dancing showcases, some late night-comedy shows and even a proper ice skating show which had us on the edge of our seats the whole time. I don’t know about you but I struggle to ice skate normally, let alone in the middle of the pacific on the lower deck of a rocking ship.


Such skill, much flexibility, wow


Actual ice skates… I’m still in awe

There were heaps of poolside competitions too and outdoor movies shown on the big screen each evening. Watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean from the comfort of a Jacuzzi was definitely a highlight, though watching Steph’s face as she judged the ‘Sexiest Man’ competition was something I’ll never forget either.


Myth: Cruise Food is bland and repetitive

Fact: Two words: Unlimited Buffet.

I’m so shattered I didn’t take any proper photos of the Windjammer (the buffet hotspot where we ate most of our meals) – which was probably because I was too busy loading my plate with food. Honestly, it was one of my favourite places on the ship.

Each night would have a different theme where you could drool over food from a specific cuisine. Our favourite was obviously Mexican night where we channelled our inner Old El Paso girl when deciding between tacos and burritos.


Words of wisdom

Themed food only made up a small portion of the meals on offer each evening, with a range of delicious delicacies that ranges from my beloved crispy calamari to heavenly cakes that even the Cookie Monster would fawn over.

Even with my ridiculous list of intolerances, I was able to eat mouth-watering, filling meals each time without having major #ragrets later – and that’s saying something. So in short, the food is fab and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Myth: You’re crammed into cabins like sardines

Fact: We ain’t living in Titanic ages no more, there’s plenty of space to go around.

Luckily, our group managed to nab adjoining balcony cabins, which let us wake each other up by simply shouting across the railing at each other – though we preferred to use secret door knocks #oldschool.

Having a balcony was great for hanging clothes to dry but honestly, I wouldn’t have minded a room with a big porthole window like I had on my first cruise. Even if you’re stuck in a cabin with no window, Royal Caribbean’s ships are so high tech that you can get rooms with virtual balconies which project a live stream of the outside world.


High-class living on a low-class budget


Myth: Its full of old people

Fact: Whilst oldies are always inevitable, we actually met quite a few people our age.

We met most of them in the evenings at the resident nightclub Dizzy’s.

At first we shunned the idea of hitting up the onboard nightclub, out of fear that it would be full of the aforementioned oldies, but we soon realised that it was the exact opposite. After 11pm the loveable resident DJ, DJ Tony, came out in full swing and pumped a mix of classic RnB hits with a sprinkling of absolute bangers. Everyone our age would come flocking for a boogie (lol now I sound like an oldie) and have a genuinely great time.

Just stop and think about this for a second: When else could you go out and party until the early hours of the morning and be in bed exactly 3 minutes later? That’s right, never. If that doesn’t convince you to go party on a cruise I don’t know what will.

There’s a lot more I could say about those nights, involving 3am Jacuzzi swims, but as they say in Vegas – what happens there, stays there. Needless to say, I’d go on another cruise in the blink of an eye – just as long as I’m with friends who know how to have a good time on/offshore!

Adios Amigos *insert ship emoji*

Now What?

After cramming a 2-month assignment into 14 hours of work this weekend, I’m finally finished with uni. GLORY HALLELUJAH!


Accurate depiction of me right now.

I feel like I should be questioning my existence and wondering what the hell to do with my life, but honestly, I’m actually really happy with where I’m at.

I was officially offered a full-time position at Ogilvy a few weeks ago, and finished my first full week on Friday. You guys are probably sick of hearing about how much I love work, but I really truly do. It keeps me on my toes, gives me heaps of creative freedom (thanks Chris) and makes me feel like I’m actually somehow succeeding at adulting?

I still can’t believe that I’m the longest-standing social team member at work, but since my old boss left in June, I guess the title belongs to me. 🙊 Our team right now is honestly the best it’s been (shout-out to Tim, Phionn, Cassie, Jules and of course our lovely intern Ava) – they make coming to work way more fun than it probably should be. There’s so much banter and each person makes our lil’ team that bit more unique and fantabulous.


The ultimate #socialslavsquatsquad,

As corny as it sounds, one of my ultimate life goals is to wake up every day looking forward to work and right now, it’s a reality.

I’m so grateful that I’ve had this job to motivate me to finish uni through some pretty big highs and lows. Looking back on it, I still think first year was my favourite. I was fresh out of high school and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do; which I somehow succeeded at during my first few semesters. But then, after I got my first social media internship at Thinktank, I started to question whether Art Direction was really right for me.

I’m so glad I did, because I definitely wouldn’t have ended up working in social if I hadn’t, and would probably be joining the fish at the end of Finding Nemo right now.


My condolences to 99% of this year’s grads.

Working in Social Media is so exciting because of how quickly technology is evolving and expanding. Augmented and virtual reality are slowly creeping into every platform, and the amount of cool ads I nerd-out over each day is growing. Legit though, I actively ask people to tag me in the ads that come up on their Facebook feeds because I’m fascinated with seeing just how creative companies are getting.

If anyone’s considering a career in social, I couldn’t recommend it higher. *Translation for grads: There’s a lot of jobs going in this area so get on them before someone else does. I know I’m only just starting out but if anyone has any questions, feel free to hit me up! I’m all about sharing the love and helping out all my fellow human beings who are going through the inevitable quarter life crisis that comes with finishing uni.

Adios Amigos *insert celebration emoji*

Live Stream Madness

So it’s 1:15am and I should definitely have been asleep over 2 hours ago but I just witnessed the most epic live stream of my life and need to ramble a bit about it before I completely crash! #getreadyforlotsofexclamationmarks

Bit of a back story:

Since my last blog post about coming home from my trip to the states I’ve been getting really into watching travel vloggers on YouTube and following their escapades around the world. One of these bloggers is an awesome chick named Aly who runs a channel called Psycho Traveller. I stumbled across her account on a whim and instantly fell in love with her crazy personality and infectious positivity. She spoke so passionately and honestly in all of her videos that I couldn’t help spending the following 4 hours attempting to watch all of them and turned on YouTube notifications for the first time in my life. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not a huge YouTube fan but when it comes to Aly’s videos, I’m absolutely hooked – so turning on notifs was a huge step forward for me.

Fast forward a few weeks to tonight, and I’m about 3 hours deep into an intense House marathon (another great love I’ve recently discovered). Suddenly, I got a notification saying that Aly was starting a live stream, so I decided to ditch my binge to see what all the fuss was about.

Man oh man, it was honestly the best decision I’ve made all week.

What started as an intimate chat between Aly and a handful of us (including myself #fangirlingactivated) turned into the most epic episode of the ‘Everywhere Challenge’ held yet. For those wondering whether you should know what I’m talking about don’t worry, I had no idea what this challenge was before I heard about it in this live stream. It’s something that Aly came up with where she goes onto Skyscanner (an A+ cheap flight booking site) and puts her flight destination as ‘everywhere’. The site then finds the cheapest flights from Budapest, where Aly’s currently living, and she LIVE BOOKS A FLIGHT! That right, a flight is booked right before your eyes and you even get to vote from the top 3 locations to help pick a winner.

During all this, there’s a live comments section where people from around the world go crazy and yell out random things and suggestions. I knew that the comments section can go crazy but man, I was not expecting what happened next.

So a whole bunch of people kept mentioning that Skyscanner should sponsor Aly because of all the shoutouts she gives them in her live streams. Of course we all agreed, so when one guy suggested that we should all tweet Skyscanner requesting them to check out Aly’s video we jumped straight on board. (This explains why all of my Aussie Survivor tweets were interrupted with a random flight one).

A lovely lady from Skyscanner started liking our tweets which was awesome and we all had a great laugh about it on the stream. I actually joked that someone from Skyscanner could be watching the video without us knowing and NEK MINUT, SKYSCANNER JOINED THE YOUTUBE LIVE STREAM!

The community manager who’d been creeping on our tweets decided to hop on over to the stream and get involved with the conversation. It was a dream come true.

With the pressure on, we convinced Aly to do the Everywhere Challenge and ended up voting between Brussels, Milan and Nuremberg. If anyone plans to watch the stream, I won’t tell you which city won, but it definitely didn’t disappoint (not that any European city could).

All seemed to be going well until Aly got into the nitty gritty of booking her flights and instead of being 30 pounds return it ended up being closer to 150 pounds for her + her boyfriend Scott. Being a budget traveller, this was not an ideal situation (as there’s still accomodation, activities and transport to factor in) so she was almost about to throw in the towel when suddenly people started to use YouTube’s SuperChat feature to send her money; talk about community spirit! It was only $5 to $20 here or there but it was amazing to see people want to help Aly so badly.

After a few donations and many thank you’s the impossible happened.

A little icon popped up showing that someone had donated 100 pounds… and that someone was Skyscanner itself.

I had to refresh my browser a few times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating but nope there it was, an amazing sum of money to help Aly’s trip come true! It was such a touching moment to see her reaction when she realised what had happened – it almost had me tearing up. Heck, people commented that they were crying and everyone was definitely experiencing all the feels.

After we all calmed down and thanked our #le-JEN-dary friend from Skyscanner profusely, Aly finally bought the tickets and confirmed the trip. *Cue us going wild in the comments section yet again*

I still can’t believe how this live stream’s unfolded and I’m so glad that I was there from the beginning. Moral of the story: Always watch your favourite vlogger’s live streams, even if you’re half asleep or at work (as some people were).

Sorry if this post is all over the place, I’m so jumpy from all the unnecessary adrenaline coursing through my veins and extremely sleep deprived too.

I’d highly recommend checking out Aly’s channel Psycho Traveller and of course Skyscanner for all of your cheapo flight needs! #notsponsored #nooneevenreadsmyblog. I know I’ll be browsing it when planning my next European escapade – which I’ll actually post about soon. #staytuned

In the meantime, go boil the kettle and check out tonight’s live stream with a nice cuppa:

Adios Amigos *insert YouTube emoji*

Coming Home

Here I am yet again, writing a blog post at 5am.

Yes, that was an unintentional rhyme and no, I don’t plan to make a poem out of this post. I just want to talk about something that people seem to glaze over when it comes to travelling: coming home.

I’ve never found it hard to leave home for an overseas adventure. For me, it’s like an escape from reality that lets me explore the world and experience all it has to offer. For anyone who’s read my post about my plane obsession, you’d know just how much I enjoy leaving the country to leap into the unknown.

But something I’ve recently discovered is a surprisingly strong dread towards the thought of coming home. Not the ‘seeing family and friends and sleeping in my own bed’ part, but the idea of returning to reality and having to fall back into old routines after such an exciting time abroad. It’s exactly what I’ve had to do over the past two days after returning from the states and honestly, I’m really struggling to stay sane. After 3 weeks of non-stop adventure in the big apple, life at home just seems mundane and boring in comparison.

I came home to an empty house, exactly as it was when I left it. My whole family is overseas on a West Coast road trip right now, so I’ve been tasked with the duty of manning the house and keeping the rabbits fed whilst trying to settle back into everyday life.

I know that I shouldn’t expect anything to be different, but I can’t help that it all feels different. There’s no rumble of the metro outside my window, or a symphony of honks and angry yells from impatient drivers on their daily commute into the city. There’s no spontaneous singing or JB’s remix of ‘Despacito’ blasting me awake each morning as a partially naked Steph runs around in a towel yelling about puddles. Without my two favourite travel buddies Caitlin and Steph by my side, the house just seems dull and foreboding, and it’s making me miss the hustle and bustle of the city merely 48 hours after leaving it. #theseperationanxietyisreal

In New York everything was non-stop and exciting 24/7. There was always an adventure to be had and curfews to break when an exciting opportunity arose in the middle of the night. There were cools Brits to meet downstairs in the basement of our hostel (don’t worry it was a perfectly safe kitchen/chill out area, not a congregation point for the local murderers appreciation society) and people to smash in ping pong 4 nights in a row #pingpongchamprighthere. I made so many new friends from all around the world over a cup of tea and nachos, and I can’t wait to meet many more next time I take a plunge into the unknown.

I guess all I can do now is try to create some sort of daily routine that will make life a bit easier for me in the coming weeks. I’ve got a uni intensive starting today (in T-minus 3.5 hours exactly, whoops) that should help keep me busy and productive, and I’m planning to catch up with some friends later in the week, so hopefully I don’t go completely insane and soon enough my next trip will roll around and I’ll be able to escape this city once more.

Adios Amigos *insert USA flag emoji*


Industry Lingo


For my fellow ad students, and anyone interested to learn the meaning behind some terms you’ve probably heard in Mad Men, here’s a simple list of phrases I’ve picked up whilst working in adland:

Deck: A presentation document (usually powerpoint).

A lead: A potential or current customer that you’ve acquired through a campaign.

Specs: Specifications (ie. The size dimensions of a Facebook post).

Being ‘served’ an ad online: When you see a sponsored ad on your FB/IG feed, it means that you are being ‘served’ that ad by the platform. The same applies to any web banners or ads that you see online.

WIP: A ‘work in progress’ meeting, usually with the client, where people from different departments come to discuss where they’re at with their projects and get client feedback. There can be internal WIPs too, where you review content and get different people’s opinions.

Scrum: An internal meeting where people from different parts of the agencies come together to work on a specific problem and come up with a solution.

FMCG: ‘Fast Moving Consumer Group’ – ie. products that are sold quickly and at a low cost. Although this isn’t an ad industry term, you hear it thrown around quite a bit when you’re working with food companies.

Re-targeting: Ever wondered why you’re being served protein supplement ads after googling ‘healthy spinach smoothie’ recipe? That’s retargeting. Also known as ‘legal stalking’ for advertisers.

Mock: Also known as a mock-up, this is basically a fancy word for a prototype of an idea or an illustration of the final idea before you go into production and bring it to life.

Suits: Pretty much anyone who doesn’t do creative work in the agency. I thought that the ‘suits vs creatives’ joke was just that, but people actually call account execs + account people ‘suits’ and art directors + copywriters ‘creatives’.

Alrighty, I’m out of ideas for now but I’ll keep updating this list if I come across any more useful terms.

Adios Amigos *insert eye roll emoji because ain’t nobody got time to put up with useless jargon*


Good ol’ Dave knows what’s up 

PS.If anyone has any more jargon to ad to the list, hit me up!

P.P.S I get that not all of these terms are ad-specific, but I thought it could help my fellow ad peeps out when you’re pretending to know your shit at an internship. Also, check out this article for some funny advertising stereotypes (that are actually sorta true):

Where is the Love?

Aw guys, I miss posting on this blog. I’ve been so caught up with uni and work recently that finding the time to post on here has been a legitimate struggle *insert sad face emoji*.

I know I made a promise to myself to keep this blog updated regularly but let’s be serious, does anyone ever really follow through with those types of promises? Like, in my heart I honestly wanted to keep posting weekly but my brain’s been like ‘Bitch, hold up, we have more important things to do.’ *sigh*

That said, I’m writing a post now so YAY:


Note to self: Add Borat to my to-watch list so I stop feeling guilty about quoting it without actually having seen the movie.

Anyway, here’s what you’ve missed in the past month and a half:

  • I’ve now been working at Ogilvy for just over a month and I’m absolutely loving it. From my second week onward, I’ve had heaps of tasks to work on which included coming up with 3 months worth of content for Elucent, which I then had to present to the client in a meeting a few weeks ago and, thankfully, she LOVED it! #cancontent.
    This week, I’ll be directing a 2-day photoshoot where we’ll bring all of those ideas to life in a proper shooting studio with a whole camera crew. I have a pretty big prop budget to work with so I’m planning to buy all the props today and tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how the shoot runs on the day, fingers crossed it all goes swimmingly!
  • I’ve low-key been ignoring Uni for the last few weeks because I’ve been so dedicated to work and I’ve also been on/off sick for the past month #kms. The semester finishes this week and I have 2 more assignments to submit until I’m finally free! I feel like Uni has been this weight on my shoulders recently that I just want to get rid of, and being so close to the end is really exciting.
  • I think I’ve spent more days being sick than healthy since my last post *cries*. For some godforsaken reason, I got Tonsillitis TWICE and am recovering from a sore throat and cold right now #prayforkatia. I’ve lost count of how many antibiotics I’ve taken this month but maybe that’s a good thing because the total number would surely make me faint from shock. I think I’m going to put clubbing on the sideline for a bit until my immune system decides to reappear from vacation.
  • I started watching the latest season of American Horror Story and omfg it’s such a good season! Having to watch it week-by-week is painful, but definitely worth the struggle #firstworldproblems. This season is based on the lost colony of Roanoke which is apparently a pretty big historical event that everyone knows about in America, so if you’re from the rest of the world READ THIS SUMMARY BEFORE YOU START WATCHING SO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. (Not that you ever know what’s going on in AHS, but it’ll help give this season a bit more clarity).
  • I was the production assistant on a short film photoshoot in early September which was a really cool experience. I helped create this sick mermaid sand sculpture (see below), did coffee runs (my fave) and got to observe how a film crew works together on shoot days. I’ve always been really curious to see how film shoots work and this was a great way to have a poke about behind-the-scenes – and get paid whilst doing it #score.



Alrighty, I think I’ll wrap it up here because I actually need to bullshit 3 blog posts for a uni assignments and I’m on a creative roll so I should try to be at least a little bit productive today. I’m going to brew some tea in my awesome new typo mug, chuck on some Alt-J and hop to it.

Adios Amigos *insert tea emoji*



Werk Werk Werk

So today’s the big day, my first day working at a part-time job in a proper advertising agency. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I mean, I’ve been a Social Media Manager before, but for a much smaller agency where assistance was much more readily available and I had a supervisor who helped me with my tasks for the first week. Of course, I have that here in my new job, but unfortunately one supervisor is away in New Zealand for the week, and the other is in Sydney. I could just ring the one in Sydney, but my phone phobia is telling me otherwise.


I relate with this stock photo on a deeply personal level

So what do I do?

Well, I have a task list to complete for my first 3 days until someone can help give me a bit of guidance, but until then I’m just winging it. At the moment, I’ve checked and updated all of my emails and started to work through the list, but it’s a bit challenging when you don’t have the access codes to half the things on it. I’m pretty much waiting for the Sydney boss to fly down next week to show me how to do everything and basically teach me how to adult. Until then, I’ve just received a little ‘Welcome to Ogilvy’ care package with an instruction manual and a few other things to read so HALLELUJAH I have something to do.

I guess the first week of a new job is always a tad confusing and all over the place, so I should just expect it and go with the flow. As a side note, it’s funny to think that no one in the office knows that I got the job so they probably think that I’m still the social intern who’s been coming in randomly throughout the year. I’m glad that I have 3 full days a week to settle in and get to know how things get done around here. That’s if I even make it through my first week without stuffing up somehow and melting into a hopeless puddle on the floor.

All jokes aside, I’m really excited that I get to work at such an awesome agency. I’ve already been welcomed into the Social team through a stream of memes and GIFs, so I think I’m going to fit in just fine.


Adios Amigos *Insert obligatory tweet reference and twitter emoji*


You know what I realised today? We spend our whole lives pond-jumping. Now, I don’t mean this in a literal sense, although I did just find out that it’s an actual threat to the koi fish population according to Google. But no, I’m talking about pond-jumping in a metaphorical sense.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the expression about ‘being a small fish in a big pond’ before, and this is the type of pond that I’m referring to. It’s the one that everyone finds themselves within no matter what occupation they have. Whether you’re a student scaling the education system or an adult growing your career within a business, we’re all really just fish swimming around in different ponds.

For most people, that ‘little fish in a big pond’ saying first comes into play when we start primary school as an eager little prep student. We’re seen as these small, naive and vulnerable creatures who will ultimately grow into big strong fish by the time we’re in Year 6. But then we enter high school, and it’s back to being that small fish amongst the sea of older students once again. Sure, we know much more than we did when we were in prep, but the idea still stands. That transition from primary school to high school is one of the first big ‘pond jumps’ we make in life.

From then on, and as we enter the workplace and start changing jobs, things can become a little bit more difficult. By the time we’ve climbed the ranks of high school and started to excel in our part-time jobs, we soon discover that we’re no longer small fish. In fact, we realise that we’ve morphed into the medium and big fish that we once admired in the very same pond we landed in all those years ago. As Year 12’s we are given the authority to decide where we want our lives to go and are tested on our knowledge of certain subjects to affirm our status and rank as the pond’s ‘top dogs’.

But then it happens again, we jump into another pond – university. Well, some of us do. Others decide to stay in our part-time jobs and keep growing within that pond into more senior positions. For those passionate individuals, pond-loyalty is obviously quite a strong trait which allows them to grow within the safety of an environment which they’re familiar with. Whereas in my experience, it can be very easy to get lost as a little fish in the big sea of university.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not actually learning as much in uni as I did in high school. I often find myself struggling to find the motivation to head in for a full day of classes and equally complain about having to trek a whole hour into the city for a mere 1hr lecture #priorities. But anyway, I digress. As I was saying, life is about jumping from pond to pond, and I think that although it can be daunting to leap into a new one, it can also be highly beneficial too.

For example, when I got my first internship at a social media agency, I was partially scared about actually helping out in a proper agency; but also very excited. Although it was a relatively small agency, I was still the least experienced there and found myself in a whole new type of pond. As I learnt more and more about the wonderful world of social media and grew my skills I found myself working there over the summer as a proper account manager. So in fish-terms, I had grown into a medium fish in this relatively small pond.

Whilst I loved working there and could have happily stayed on full-time, I knew that I had to swim on back to uni to continue my studies and get my degree. However, as fate would have it, I was soon given the opportunity to intern under the social media strategist at one of my favourite global ad agencies in Melbourne, ‘Ogilvy and Mather’. Talk about a big pond.

I decided to tackle both uni and my internship at the same time, with a cafe job on the side to make a bit of moolah. Whilst balancing everything was a bit of a struggle at times, I really loved the challenge and knew that it was the best way for me to keep growing within the industry. Transitioning from a small agency to a big one was an interesting experience for me. Although I had 4 months of social media account management under my belt, it seemed to dissolve as I moved back to an intern position at a much larger agency; and with it went my medium fish status. I didn’t mind being the small fish again though, as it let me learn the ins and outs of a multi-department workplace which I’ll definitely have to face again in the future.

And now that brings me to my current work/uni pond position. It turns out that both of my internships and social media work have actually helped my prove myself within Ogilvy as I was just offered a part-time ‘Social Media Community Manager’ position #fancytitlecomeatme. It’s a bit of a weird situation because I’ll be doing all of the tasks that a normal social media account manager would (ie. creating content, posting on accounts, replying to comments and generating reports) but I’m a bit too young and inexperienced to be awarded that title in such a big agency. Actually no, maybe my situation should be labelled as ‘ironic’ since I’ve been an account manager before? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whatever the label, I’m just really happy that I’ve got the job and I’m finally going to be a small part of this big agency #suchexcite.

Although I didn’t have a specific intention for writing this post, I hope it gets you thinking about the pond that you’re in and whether you’re going to grow in it or immerse yourself in a completely new one. Because hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll jump into this pond with me and end up being my boss one day 😉

Adios Amigos *insert fish emoji*

P.S. Today’s shoutout goes to a certain motivational fish who managed to traverse across ponds and seas without ever giving up or complaining:


For reference, Marlin is me when I have to get at 7am for uni and work. 

P.P.S. After sharing this with my close friend Steph for her opinion, I feel like her reply deserves a mention in this post too:

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